After a rather modest start in 1961 the Overvaal Dexter Club (ODC), then the Transvaal Dexter Club, has developed into and remained one of the most stable and successful cattle breeders clubs in South Africa.

The primary objective of the Club is to develop and promote the Dexter breed, not only in South Africa but also beyond our borders. In this regard we have been consulted and visited by breeders and interested persons from England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various Southern African countries.

It is the firm belief of Club management that the wellbeing of a breed starts with the breeder, and that an informed breeder is a successful breeder. Special care is therefore taken to ensure that breeders, old and new are kept informed of any changes to the breed standards or other decisions by the Dexter Cattle Breeders Society of S.A, under whose auspices the Overvaal Dexter Club functions. In this way stud and commercial breeders alike are kept abreast of new developments.


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